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Innovations in Dental Technology

Within the last 30 years, dentistry and endodontic treatment has greatly advanced the way people view their appointments and improve their overall experiences with their dentist. The acceleration of technology has created genuine breakthroughs in endodontic treatment for patients, and as each new technology surfaces, it helps improve the dentistry practice. 

How Access To Treatment Has Advanced

Access procedures, using technology to assist in surgical procedures, and improvements in disinfection techniques have helped endodontists achieve better outcomes.

Teledentistry: Teledentistry have provided those with disabilities the resources to contact their dentists in times of need, and while in-office procedures offer more in-depth insight into the health and condition of the teeth, teledentistry also gives dentists the ability to capture images, listen to patients with their concerns, and provide information to other dentists, such as endodontists, in regards to serious malocclusion and tooth decay problems.

CAD/CAM technology: This technology has helped dentists working within the restoration department for designing, fabricating, and providing restorations to their patients. CAD/CAM technology has helped give precise fittings for crowns and dentures. Finding the right crown or filling to cover a previous root canal procedure has become easier with this technology for endodontists.

Because of the rapidly growing industry for dental treatment, these technologies can hopefully reduce the amount and severity of cavities. If you need to have an appointment with an endodontist, then please schedule an appointment with Raleigh Endodontics, located in Raleigh, NC, and operated by Dr. Luke K Dalzell, DDS, today to learn more.

Dr. Dalzell At Raleigh Endodontics, our practice focuses on minimally invasive techniques and non-surgical methods to treat root canal issues and other complex tooth conditions. Our team, lead by Dr. Luke Dalzell, provides an experienced team of members under the American Association of Endodontics to give the highest standard of dental care for those in the Raleigh, NC area.
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