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Insurance Information

We are happy to help you maximize your benefits.  We will call the insurance company and get the specific details of your coverage.  We will complete all insurance forms, and whenever possible file electronically to get faster processing of your claim.  We will send any necessary additional information required by your insurance company, such as x-rays and reports.

In order to contact your insurance company for this information, we will require certain information.  We need your date of birth and subscriber ID.  If you are covered under a spouse or other family member, we will need their date of birth and ID as well.  In addition, we will need the phone number for the insurance company, and their claims mailing address.  These will usually be found on your insurance ID card, but may also be found on their website.

If you do not have this information and you would like to file your insurance yourself, we will fill out all the required information for you to file your own insurance claim on a standard American Dental Association claim form that is accepted by all dental insurance companies.

For additional information about network insurance and assignment of benefits, please see our Financial Policy section.

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